Destination Baku – Presented by MEP Destination Business Solutions


Destination Baku – Presented by MEP Destination Business Solutions

MEP Destination Business Solutions is now proudly bringing its 41-year experience in organising Meetings, Incentives and Events to Baku – a surprising and rapidly emerging destination!

Located on the historic Silk Road, a stone’s throw away from Turkey, on the breezy shores of the Caspian Sea. It’s a welcome haven amid the ups and downs of the region.  Azerbaijan has proved itself to be a safe, green and modern destination for travel.

Following the two devaluations that came after the fall of oil prices and the chance to host Eurovision in 2012 lead to the government eyeing tourism as the ‘next big thing’ after their petroleum industry, one that shaped the country for centuries.  The last handful of years saw the building of luxury and global hotels such as Four Seasons, Fairmont Flame Towers, JW Marriott and Hilton.

Zaha Hadid’s Cultural Centre was finished as an architectural marvel, rich with style, culture and event spaces! The next-door Congress Centre which opened towards the end of 2017 rivals its most sought-after counterparts in functionality and design.  The newly built Airport as well as the easing of visa procedures (most of the developed world can get their e-visas with 48 hours) were also welcome signs of the big picture support for the industry!

As the MEP family we love that Formula 1, now in its 3rd year, takes place in the city’s streets much like the Monaco GP – and it makes for a great value incentive trip!

The UNESCO World Heritage Old Town (Icherishehir) has been renovated diligently with love. Overall the city is easy to navigate and do business in – ideal for MICE Business. The venues such as the actual carpet shaped Carpet Museum, Philharmonic, historic Maiden’s Tower overlooking Caspian Sea and of course the many mansions of former oil barons are unique venues ideal for event planners. At MEP we especially love the Oil Museum which used to be the home of Nobel Brothers – trivia of the day: Nobel Brothers made their money by inventing pipes with which Azeri’s could carry oil & natural gas from the Sea. It was the biggest turning point in Azeri history!

Azerbaijan’s common cultural heritage with Turkey, which sees two nations share a language and even banks, make it a natural destination for MEP. After extensive learning trips procurement and training periods, MEP is confident that it will serve this destination with the same ease & excellence it serves its home country Turkey! The hospitable and endearing nature of Azeris together with MEP’s professionalism, profound knowledge of the MICE industry and dedication to perfect make it a winning combination that is certain to put Baku on the MICE map!

MEP can’t wait to host all its friends in the land of wind & fire!

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